South Asia

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  • Introduction

  • Information on regional workshops

  1. International Symposium on Tropical Meteorology (INTROMET-2021) ON CHANGING CLIMATE: CONSEQUENCES AND CHALLENGES (C4-21), November 23-26, 2021:


           The Cochin Chapter of the Indian Meteorological Society (IMS) is hosting INTROMET-2021 with the theme Changing Climate: Consequences and Challenges. It will provide an excellent opportunity for the national and international  community of Atmospheric Scientists to discuss various issues of the changing climate and their consequences and challenges.

           Please visit for more details.

  • Institutions/Projects in the region working on S2S

  • Key regionally-relevant S2S research questions & activities being pursued in the region

  • Publications

  1. Multi-Model Multi-Physics Ensemble: A Futuristic Way to Extended Range Prediction System; Atul K. Sahai, Manpreet Kaur, Susmitha Joseph, Avijit Dey, R. Phani, Raju Mandal and Rajib Chattopadhyay, Front. Clim., 21 May 2021 |
  2. Multi-physics schema for sub-seasonal prediction of Indian summer monsoon; Manpreet Kaur, A. K. Sahai, R. Phani, Susmitha Joseph, Raju Mandal, Avijit Dey & Rajib Chattopadhyay,  Clim Dyn (2021).

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